How to build a killer website



Many are those looking out for a good and reliable website to visit. Companies and small business grow their presence through online. So ask yourself if visitors come to your site, do they feel welcome and willing to come back again? The idea of building a website that would contribute enormously to the growth of your business is not far fetched. We have put together these steps to help you generate more traffic to your website.

Choose your website support

This is basically known as your Content Management System (CMS). It is designed to support the management of the content of the webpages.  There are varieties of CMS, Such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomia. But the most popular of all is the WordPress used by over 59% of all websites on the internet. So on the most flexible platform we recommend WordPress which is simple and easy to use without learn any coding.

Choose a web hosting account

The web hosting is the platform that allows individuals to make their websites accessible via the world wide web. Many companies provide spaces on a server that connects to the internet. Most of these companies provides access to domain either for free or for a fee. so, subscribe to a domain to register your web address such .com , .org or .net depending on the purpose of your website either for 6 months or a year will help. After picking up your domain name the next step is to assign it to a hosting server to enable the domain to run over the internet.

Develop your site.

Once you’ve setup your domain and hosting you’re good to go. If you are conversant with WordPress CMS just pick up your theme and install on your WordPress website. Every theme has unique plugins that work perfectly with the theme. You can purchase a demo theme which has a predesigned interface that can suite your website. If you also want to develop from the scratch, you just need to download some free plugins such as page builder to start developing your website.

Add extra security.

Cyber threats are all over the internet. Once your website is open up, there is a threat to security. If your website is designed for transaction such as purchases with debit or credit card, the possibility of scammers crawling to your site to steal customers information is high. To curtail that add Secure Socket Layers Certificates (SSL). Using SSL ensures extra security that helps encrypt connections between your website and the visitors. Once added the sign of secured website is displayed at the address bar with a padlock symbol and the url changing to https://.


Put your site on top ranking

The next move is to keep your site on top of some search engine sites, like google. To help you do that, you need to add another plugin called Search Engine Optimization. (SEO). There are verities of SEO’s on the WordPress plugin platform.  Once purchased, your developers will help you configure or you can just follow the simple steps in the plugin dashboards. Use keywords that your visitors might be searching out for in the google search engine. Once configured your site is ready to attract your potential customers. You can add google analytics to help you track visitors to your site and know how the site is performing with the number of visitors.


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